Our body's yearn for balance. Unfortunately, our internal balance can be disrupted by external factors such as trauma, weather fluctuations, pollution and radiation, as well as, internal factors such as stress, anxiety, nutrition, genetics, parasites and toxins. Acupuncture is meant to help the body restore its natural homeostasis as known in the West and yin & yang balance as known in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It focuses on the body's overall wellbeing rather than treating an isolated problem. Acupuncture helps not only the physical body but it also helps the mind and spirit collectively. In my practice I see patients with all kinds of different dis-eases from ailments as simple as pain management to as complex as autism. I regularly treat stomach imbalances, menstrual disorders, fertility, food sensitivities and allergies.

Initial Consultation: What to Expect from Your First Visit

The initial consultation lasts about 90 mins. Prior to your visit you should fill out the intake form found here. This alleviates rushing to fill out the form while waiting to be seen. We begin the visit with a discussion about why you came in which will lead into a discussion about your health history so that I can get a better understanding about who you are and what your body has been through. Because in TCM we target not just the symptom but the entire body, mind and spirit as a whole the evaluation is a lot more thorough than one may be used to. 

After the initial interview I will ask to read your tongue. The tongue in Traditional Chinese Medicine,  has many connections in the body, both in the meridians and the internal organs. It is therefore useful and important during inspection for confirming TCM diagnosis. The tongue presents a strong visual indicator of a person's overall harmony and disharmony. Following the tongue reading I will check your pulse. While tongue diagnosis provides valuable clinical information, pulse reading gives a deep understanding of the patient on many levels. By checking your pulse it can determine which areas of the body may have disruptions or blockages of Qi (energy). Tongue and pulse readings are two fundamental diagnostic tools in TCM to diagnose your condition which is then used to plan your treatment. 

The acupuncture points are then selected. The sterile needles used in acupuncture are extremely thin and probably not the same as the ones you're used to seeing at your doctors office. Those that have tried acupuncture find it very easy to fall asleep on the table or as one patient of mine puts it, "Be in a complete relaxing trance." Even those with high stress lives find it quite easy to fall into a complete state of relaxation while on the acupuncture table.

Follow-Up Sessions: How Many Sessions Until You See Results

The amount of time it takes to correct an issue is determined by the length of time it took you to get to where you currently are. Depending on your health and nutrition goals as well as your determination to fix this issue will decide how long your body will take to heal itself. If you have been suffering from a chronic issue for a few years there is much more  that you need to do to help your body rebalance. Where those who have an acute problem that happened fairly recently have a better chance of fixing the issue in a shorter amount of time.  Patients who are disciplined and can stay consistent on their acupuncture regimen in addition to upgrading their diet and modifying their lifestyle have a tendency to heal more quickly than those who do acupuncture once a month, do not follow herbal prescriptions directly and have a diet full of processed foods. 

In an ideal world people with dis-ease and pain will come seek treatment at the first signs of discomfort. The sooner one seeks help the easier any condition is to treat. Acupuncture, as with all of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is not a get-fixed-quick regimen. Instead acupuncture is a treatment for those who are determined to be consistent with their treatments. If you are one of these people then you will quickly see the positive results that come from acupuncture treatments.