Hello & Welcome!

Thank you so much for being interested in bringing me along your journey to healing. I am excited & humbled that you've chosen to use me as your teacher in health and healing. Click Here to fill out the intake form before coming in for your first visit. 

You can fill this intake form in the office but please arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment so you have time to complete it. 

Please make sure to include all medications and supplements you are currently taking.

Things to do before your first visit

As with all office visits, this one is no different, please write down all questions you may have ahead of time so you can remember to ask and address during our visit. Even if you filled out the form prior to your visit please arrive 10 minutes before to allow time for relaxation. Wear loose clothing that can be pulled over your knees and elbows. Make sure you've had a meal before you come to your visit.

Things you should not do before your visit

An hour before your visit you should not eat a BIG meal as this may cause discomfort when laying on the table. You should not fast for more than 3 hours before an appointment as acupuncture causes some exhaustion in some and not eating before your visit can lead to more lethargy. You should also avoid eating or drinking anything that can discolor your tongue before your visit (this is especially important for initial consultations as I need to read your tongue to help diagnose your symptoms) this includes; coffee, alcohol, juices with strong dyes, even candies. 

Cancellation Policy 

The office maintains a 24 hour cancellation policy (Example: Your appointment is for 1pm Monday you must cancel by 1pm Sunday to avoid full payment) You are required to provide a credit card number (including billing zip code, CVV and expiration date) when scheduling. This will only be used if canceling before 24 hours and will be charged the full amount of treatment. 


I accept most insurances provided that they cover acupuncture treatments.  Some insurances I accept are United Healthcare, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and Aetna just to name a few.