Himalayan Salt Lamps

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps!



These table-top lamps are here for your benefit! This soft glowing natural source of clean and fresh air is perfect for your desk, living room, bedside table or anywhere you’d like! 😊Not only are they pretty to look at but they offer some amazing health benefits. Also, find out if your salt lamp is REAL😍 or FAKE😳 There’s a big difference!✨

Health Benefits..

Mood Enhancer😊 & Sleep Aid😴the warm glow of the lamp is a very calming and pleasing hue to our eyes. The presence of this happy lamp can give a calming feeling to an entire room. This can enhance your mood and help you fall asleep at a much faster rate!

Reduces Electromagnetic Radiation😱 & Airborne Illnesses🤧🤧🤧these little lamps have the power to balance positive and negative ions! This reduces the amount of radiation in the air and can also reduce the presence of airborne infections!

Air Purificationhimalayan salt lamps attract water vapor, which also traps pollutants indoors! This includes allergens, bacteria, dust and mold! This lamp can work wonders by even removing toxins from the air such as cigarette smoke! Now who wouldn't want such a pretty lamp that can pose so many wonderful health benefits!

Relieves Asthma & Allergy Symptoms- because lamp purifies the air, placing it in rooms that you spend the most time in you can really relieve your allergy symptoms. This also significantly helps people who experience asthma. You will see improvement in as little as 1-2 weeks!

Real❗️ or Fake ❌?

Make sure you’re buying a ✨REAL✨ Himalayan Salt Lamp. Fake ones can be toxic and negatively affect your health!

Heres how to spot an imposter!..If your lamp has a poor return policy, your lamp may not be made of pure salt. These lamps are very fragile, so you must be careful when handling! If your lamp is extremely durable you probably have a fake! If the light is extremely bright, you could be dealing with a fake. Real salt lamps omit a dull and muffled source of light because of its high mineral content. Make sure your lamp is pink/orange in color. Those white ones are not always real! The true source of pink himalayan salt is from Pakistan, so if your lamp doesn’t mention this its most likely not authentic! Also if you’re not experiencing any benefits.. chances are its a fake.

Buy yourself a himalayan salt lamp today and find that the benefits will enhance your life entirely!✨💗💡

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