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I’ve been making herbal formulas for many years for patients that come to my office. I was first introduced to herbs and their healing properties from my father who was an incredible herbalist who started his journey at a very young age, helping in my family’s pharmacy back in Hong Kong. I learned first hand, the different ways to retrieve the healing benefits of each bark, plant and root and how they worked at different degrees of strength. 

In China, herbalist usually prescribe their patients herbs that they brew into a decoction, this is not only time consuming for most here in America, its not the best tasting, it causes your house to smell strongly of herbs and its more expensive if you have a deep rooted dis-ease that you'd need to address for weeks at a time. But that’s not the only way herbalist try to get their patients compliant on using their herbal prescriptions; there are also extracted granule powders and tinctures (alcohol extractions). 

Through years of practice, extensive studies of herbal medicine and success working with hundreds of patients in my practice, I have finally perfected each traditional herbal formula in tincture form to share with all of you. I have found that not only does it cost the patient a fraction of the cost of brewing a decoction, they are more likely to complete the full regimen I suggest, something I rarely saw with the decoction regimen. Brewing decoctions take time and here in New York, 'time is money', 'its of the essence' and its just NOT feasible to brew a tea for 8 hours (YIKES!) when you are a working individual and even harder if you throw children into the mix. 

What I love most about herbs extracted in alcohol is their ability to enter the bloodstream so quickly and the amount of alcohol in each dropper dose is less than that of a ripe banana, so its safe and efficient! I am currently ‘brewing’ some tinctures for overall immunity support, hair growth & thickener and a stuffiness relief tincture to combat those spring allergies soon to come. I asked a few of my subscribers via newsletter back in December some ailments they would like addressed, now I’m asking all of YOU for your suggestions; you can email me, leave a comment or answer the poll below! 

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Lily Choi Natural Healing needs your help on which formulas to make next. These are formulations made for all of YOU, so why not lend a helping hand on the decision process?

I cannot wait to get this to all of your cabinets, to equip every one of you with all the herbs you need to reach your most balanced and healthy selves!