acne clear

acne clear

  • Clear acne with excess heat and dampness *

  • Acne clear contains:

  • Fang Feung: means “wind prevention”, the pathogenic wind that can block Qi and disturb the body’s natural harmony. Known to boost the body’s defenses against seasonal change, pollutants, pathogens, and germs scattered throughout our surroundings,

    Lian Qiao: is a cooling herbal medicine that kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, dispels inner heat. Lian qiao forms a protective layer on the skin to fight inflammation, and is thus often used to treat pimples and acne by controlling skin oil. 

    Jie Geng Opens and Disseminates Lung Qi, Dispels Phlegm, Benefits Throat
    Dispels Pus,  Directs the actions of other herbs to the upper body.

    Huang Qin: Also know as skullcap, clearing heat, drying dampness, and purging fire for removing toxin. It also help anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis, prostate cancer, mild depression, hepatitis, and also widely used in the industry of skin care.

    Chuan Xiang: Releases wind cold, frontal headache, nasal congestion, supraorbital pain, toothache, and other problems due to wind invading the head and face. 

    Bai zhi:  Diminishes wind-cold, dries dampness, relieves swelling and drains pus, eases pain by eliminating wind, conducts to the stomach and large intestine channels and opens the nasal passages. 

    Jing Jie: uses and indications fever,headache, eye itching, cough, sore throat, measles, carbuncles, sores, acne.

    Zhi ZI: Because of its tendency to affect multiple channels, it is one of the safer herbs in Chinese medicine for eliminating pathogenic heat through urination. Dampness, heat manifest externally, as eye infections or itchy skin irritations like ezcema or acne

    Huang Lian: Drains Fire and Relieves Toxins,and for toxic skin lesions. Drains Dampness and Clears Heat,Calms Heart Fire, Clears Heat, Stops Bleeding

    Ginger Power: removes toxins in the throat and Middle Jiao, kills bacteria such as streptococcus.

    Licorice root: Containing glycyrrhizin acid which is anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting. Licorice root can reduce discomfort around the face, soothe the stomach, balance all other herbs and promote healing. 

    Bo He: Main functions are to diffuse wind-heat, refresh mind and improve eyesight, promote eruption, soothe skin, and regulate qi flowing.

  • organic cane alcohol

  • Take it twice daily. Take 5 drops under tongue or in 1 oz of hot water 30 min after meal.

  • For those not wanting to consume alcohol, it can be poured into a hot liquid like tea or hot water for 5 mintues to evaporate the alcohol before consuming.

    Expiration date: 6 years

    Vegan, soy free, free of pesticide, free of chemical residues, non GMO

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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