Blood builder

Blood builder


*Do you have dry skin, pale complexion, insomnia, irregular menstrual cycles, dry stool, poor memory, low energy? These are some of the symptoms of blood deficiency. Blood builder nourishes Heart and Liver blood, regulates the Chong Mai and Ren Mai, major meridians associated with fertility.

* Blood builder helps people who suffer from anemia, anxiety, arthritis, depression, dizziness, eating disorders, fatigue, feeling scattered, infertility, insomnia, irregular menstrual issues, miscarriage, low iron or B12, migraines, painful periods, scanty period, poor memory, thinning hair. Blood builder nourishes our brain and is the key ingredient to healthy mental function, feeling vital, feeling calm and having a sense of togetherness. It keeps our tendons, skin, hair and joints healthy, strong and agile while making sure our entire body has nourishment and moisture. It also helps with receiving adequate rest, being able to wind down after the day's activities, sleeping well through the night and waking up with proper energy for the day.  

Blood builder contains:

Hand crafted herbs:

Shu Di Huang
Bai Shao
Dang Gui
Chuan Xiong

Ginger Power

Organic cane alcohol

  • Take it twice daily after period to the next period. Take 5 drops under tongue or in 1 oz of hot water 30 min after meal.

  • For those not wanting to consume alcohol, it can be poured into a hot liquid like tea or hot water for 5-10 min. to evaporate the alcohol before consuming.

  • Not recommend for pregnant women

  • Not for use with cold or flu symptoms.

    Expiration date: 6 years

    Vegan, soy free, free of pesticide, free of chemical residues, non GMO

  • *These statements have not been evaluated by the food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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