Ginger Power

Ginger Power


You can now have this delicious and warming ginger powder right in your kitchen cupboard. Dehydrated ginger is the most potent quality of ginger you can consume, even more potent than raw! It is made fresh to order and is an everyday staple for teas, soups, rice dishes and even as a seasoning. 

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Ginger power is handmade and packed fresh with love. This organic ginger powder is made to order to be as fresh and potent as possible. It is handmade with love and care with impurities and debris removed after hours of cutting, slow dehydration, then pulsed & packed in mason jars to help reduce waste.

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     This organic ginger powder is made 15 days or less before delivery to keep its freshness. Handmade with special blessings & love, impurities & debris removed, small batches to keep potency & freshness in tact, dehydrated for 36-40 hours then pulsed & packed in mason jars to help reduce waste. Because it is made in a two week timeframe you can be certain that your tea isn't sitting on the shelf for longer than the time needed to mail it to your door. No more worrying if the tea has been sitting in a warehouse for months before getting to your local health food store. With Ginger Power you're getting fresh, fine grade organic ginger powder ALL THE TIME!

Ginger Power is potent, fresh, handled with care and love, with every intention to help heal all those who purchase this item. We pride ourselves in using the finest quality ginger even if that means sacrificing production goals. We do not cut corners & we give the same amount of care to this product as we would your health when entering Lily Choi's Office for acupuncture treatments. Ginger Power is extremely potent so although the suggested serving size is 1/2 tsp for one cup (8oz) of tea, if thats too spicy or not spicy enough adjust accordingly. Its convenient, its versatile & best of all a little goes a long way. Can anyone say money saving???

Ginger has been used for centuries by those in India & China to help combat cramps, aid digestion, eliminate nausea & vomiting, studies have even found that its high anti-inflammatory effects make it great to help those with osteoporosis! Ginger is not just something you add to your dish to kick up the heat but with its many health benefits everyone should have Ginger Power in their kitchen cabinets. 

Use it to make ginger shots when you're in a rush, make ginger tea when you're unwinding after a long day, make some tasty ginger infused juices or add them to your homemade salad dressings to warm up those raw veggies. However you decide to add it to your daily regimen you health with flourish and you will be happy you kept to it. 


Makes 48 servings!

Ships only in the USA for right now, but stay tune as things are always changing in Lily Choi Natural Healing Headquarters. 


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