In an attempt to help make information more accessible to clients, I created this space for easy to find, easy to reference and easy to print handouts.  



This is self explanatory. A copy of the 5 page intake form is added here to help those who want to speed up their first visit to the Office. It asks for a brief medical background, the different ailments that are bothering you as well as what types of vitamins, mineral, medications and supplements you are currently or have previously taken.  


This handout was directly adapted from Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad's "The NAET Guide Book". This link is a summary of things to avoid after the first 15 treatments also known as the Basic 15, usually done by NAET health care professionals. This will serve as a reminder for all those doing their treatments on the thing they CAN and CANNOT eat for the 25 hours following treatment. 


Directly adapted from Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad's "The NAET Guide Book" this link is for those who have done one or more of the above treatments and are not sure what they are suppose to avoid in the 25 hours after treatment. Here you will find different foods you CAN and CANNOT eat after a specific mineral treatment i.e. magnesium, sulphur, zinc, etc. 


This handout was created to help better understand client through their diet choices. As you know we all have a specific body constitution and what we decide to eat can help or hinder this constitution which can lead to dis-ease. This handout is suppose to help you track your daily eating habits so that when we sit down I can get a clearer picture of what we can change to better help you on your journey to health.