"I was told I have Hashimoto's thyroid -itis and that I was depressed. I was told to take Synthroid which worked for about two weeks. I then got high blood pressure so they wanted me to take more medication I didn'twant to take any medication so I started to look into alternative treatments. I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Choi, she is a wonderful person and healer who understands how to find the root cause of disease. She helped me understand how my body was out of balance and what to do to bring it back to health. I had done acupuncture a few times before coming to Dr. Choi. She was different, it was like a spa experience; calming to the body and mind. I remember feeling like, for the first time, someone understood me and did not think I needed a psychiatrist, there was hope. I'm happy to say I take no medications and I'm losing weight. When you listen to Dr. Choi you can bring back health and balance to your life. I love Dr. Choi and thank her for bringing back the person I used to be."        

- Maddy G.

"I had severe knee pains for a big portion of my young life that no one in western medicine knew how to diagnose. Pain so excruciating that it would sometimes debilitate me, causing much stress and anxiety. I would go to my general practitioner constantly looking for some sort of relief from this pain but instead I would just get prescribed a higher dose of ibuprofen, which I wasn't fond of taking. It wasn't until I was fortunate enough to meet Lily Choi that everything changed for the better. She began explaining Chinese medicine and how knees were a reflection of my kidney health (my family has tons of kidney issues) she did several courses of acupuncture with a list of dietary changes I needed to start taking and just like that the knee pain slowly started to go away with each passing day. Today, I can confidently say I cannot remember the last time I had knee pains even with the long walks and long hours on my feet. I am so grateful for having met and having grown a friendship with Lily Choi. Her hands are true magic and her plethora of knowledge is a delight to explore." 

- Liane A.

“I came to Lily suffering a multitude of unpleasant symptoms.  I had just undergone surgery for a polyp on my uterus and was looking to balance my hormones (and life!) without the use of any synthetic medications or pharmaceutical prescriptions.  After only one visit with Lily, my period has arrived on the same day like clockwork for over a year now.  Along with balancing my hormones, she has taught me how to slow down, relax, eat to nourish my body properly, and has treated all food allergies.  Lily is kind, thorough, intuitive, and patient when helping to treat her patients.  There is a reason she has a “cult following” who we now refer to as “Lily’s girls.”  I have sent all of my friends who are struggling with health problems to Lily.  There is no one I trust more to give me honest, practical, and functional health advice.”

- Kay 

"I cannot begin to express how immensely grateful I am for Lily Choi and NAET. Quite simply, she has helped to change our lives for the better. 

Our story: My son, Michael was diagnosed with autism at nearly three years of age, around the time we started to see Lily. After getting NAET treatments about once a week for a year my son had lost his autism diagnosis and continued to progress at an impressive speed. None of the therapies we had been doing before and during NAET have helped as much or as quickly. These included Early Intervention services (Speech, OT, plus at home Special education tutoring); dietary interventions (GF/CF, 6 months of Specific Carbohydrate Diet then a year and a half of GAPS); and biomedical treatments. Of course we still have ways to go, but today Michael has ADHD and he is a part of a regular school with typically developing children. 

Caveat: Please do not think that it was all so easy or simple. NAET is hard work as there's no blueprint to follow on how to treat these children. They are all similar in some ways but could have very different underlying issues. There's a lot of observation, reading up on relevant literature and plain old guesswork on the part of the parent that goes into coming up with a treatment plan. Plus some things might need to be treated repeatedly and kids (and adults) can lose a clearing - for instance acupuncture or any energy work done by someone other than an NAET practitioner can seriously alter the results of prior NAET treatments. It is also an awfully long and costly endeavor - we have been going for three years and most insurance does not cover these types of treatments. Moreover, NAET can bring hitherto symptom-free sensitivities to the fore. In fact, you might feel that you are allergic to a LOT more things than ever before (this is mostly with adults though). Last but not least, not all practitioners are created equal. We started NAET with a different practitioner but it did very little for Mick. With Lily,  however, there were positive changes almost immediately. She is a wise healer with many years of experience not only in NAET but Traditional Chinese Medicine as well. I feel truly blessed to have found her.

In closing, please do your homework and give NAET a try. Especially if you have a child who needs to be helped. NAET is a truly unique healing method and I hope that you will allow it to help change your life - or a loved one's life - for the better too."

- Michael's Mom

I have gone to several acupuncturists over the years but none of them have helped me nearly as much as Lily has.  Lily's knowledge of not only the body but the mind work synchronously for the most healing experience.  Not only does she use acupuncture, but she combines it with Traditional Chinese Medicine and NAET Therapy (look it up!!).  With Lily's knowledge of the body being so complete, she tells you what foods you benefit from, which foods you don't, exercises that are best for you and what your body needs to work to its optimal potential. My life has changed since starting to see Lily 2 years ago.  I have referred countless friends and now those people have become her loyal clients. I couldn't speak more highly of Lily or her practice and I feel truly blessed to be her patient.

- B. K.

I had severe stomach problems for many years. My period stopped when I was 13 years old and never came back. Not one doctor was able to help nor could explain the cause of my problems. Then last summer (June 2016) I came across Lily. She gave me constant advice on the proper foods my body needs in order to heal itself, along with acupuncture to strengthen my organs and release the stress that constantly built up in me.

When, believe it or not on (December, 26 2016) at the age of 20 years old my period came back!

She's the most kindest and most caring doctor that I ever had and her treatment ACTUALLY works!  Unlike allopathic doctors who's only vocabulary is "Prescribe, Steroids and Antibiotics!"

I believe anyone who comes here will not leave disappointed; all it takes is trust and a bit of patience . Thanks Lily! You're the best doctor I've ever had !!!





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